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Classic Office apps

Office 2016 Professional Plus include full version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, OneNote and Skype For Business.

Work Faster with "Tell Me"

The Tell Me box in most applications helps you perform important tasks even if you don't know how to do something. Rather than using Help or just poking around, you can type what you want to do in this box. Office shows you a list of commands you can use to complete your task. If you have selected something in your document, you will see commands specific to that object. For example, if an image is selected, you will see commands related to images.

Get Quick Answers with Insights

Insights lets you search for information from within Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. Right-click a word or phrase and choose Smart Lookup. Microsoft's Bing search engine uses what you selected and what's near the selected text to show you definitions, images, Wikipedia articles, and other related information. This appears right in Office, not in a web browser. You can also access Insights via the Review tab and Tell Me.


Data Loss Prevention give IT administrators a variety of tools to manage and enforce policies that control document authoring and sharing. This helps to reduce the risk of your organization’s data being accessed by unauthorized users or from being corrupted by users not trained to handle it. Multi-factor Authentication is another security measure that you can enjoy when you download Office 2016. It allows you to securely access content anywhere – even when you’re not hard-wired to your organization’s network. The Microsoft Office 2016 suite is so much more than a collection of programs to type letters, create budgets or make slideshows. Security and efficiency has been taken to a higher level in the areas of sharing, mobility, data loss prevention and more. If you’re looking for a productivity suite that works as hard as you do, download Office 2016 right now.

Value-Priced Software Packages

To get the most bang for your buck, choose a Microsoft Office 2016 suite. The suite combines several popular Microsoft Office 2016 applications in one convenient package and offers a discount over the retail price of the individual applications. Suites are available in several varieties including Home and Student, Home and Business or Professional. The discounted software suites come with various licensing options so you can choose how many installations to buy.

Collaborate and Declutter in Outlook

Outlook has a number of new features to help you work more efficiently, collaborate more easily, and manage email overload, including
  • Fast integration with other Office applications. When you attach an Office document to an email you're about to send, Outlook shows you a list of the files you worked on most recently. No more hunting through folders for that recent spreadsheet or document you want to email to your colleagues. If it's a file you worked on in OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint, the file's icon has a little cloud on it.
  • Collaboration with work groups. If you use Outlook with Exchange Server, you can set up work groups, which are like powerful distribution lists. Members of a work group can share conversations, calendars, and files. You can choose whether they get messages in their individual inboxes or in a group inbox.
  • Cleaning up clutter. Some people's inboxes get very cluttered — someone you know, perhaps? So, if you use Outlook with Exchange Server, Outlook has a new feature called Clutter. It moves low-priority messages into a folder called Clutter. You can define which messages should or should not go to this folder. More than that, though, Clutter looks at what you've ignored in the past and moves new, similar messages out of your inbox so you can deal with them later.

New Analysis and Forecasting Features in Excel

Excel has gotten quite a bit more powerful in 2016. New features include
  • Pulling in data from almost anywhere. A former add-on called Power Query is now built in to Excel. Power Query can pull data from various sources for analysis, including websites and SQL, Azure, Access, and other databases.
  • More charting options. Excel also has six new chart types.
    • Box and whisker charts are most commonly used in statistical analysis.
    • Histograms show frequency data in columns.
    • Pareto charts highlight the biggest factors in a dataset.
    • Sunburst charts show levels of a hierarchy that are represented in concentric rings.
    • Treemap charts compare proportions within a hierarchy.
    • Waterfall charts show a running total as values are added or subtracted.
  • Predicting the future. The new time series forecasting functions can predict future values from historical data. The more data, the better the forecast.

Real-Time Co-Authoring in Word

If several people are working on a Word document that is stored in OneDrive for Business, real-time co-authoring allows multiple users to collaborate, edit, and update simultaneously. Everybody can see what everybody else is doing. They can see changes as they are made and even where cursors are currently placed.
Microsoft plans to include this feature in other Office applications in the future.

Sharing Made Easy

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now have Share buttons at the top right of the window. When you click a Share button, you are prompted to save your file to an online location, such as OneDrive. Then, in a panel on the right side of your window, you can enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the file with or select the addresses from your address book. You can choose whether they can edit the file or just view it.
OneNote notebooks have similar functionality. Instead of a Share button, though, you send the invitations from the File menu (also called Backstage view).

The Ribbon Has a New Look

Office 2016 also looks a little different from Office 2013. In Office 2013, the default background for your document and ribbon was white, but you could also choose light gray or dark gray. In Office 2016, the default background for the ribbon tabs is the color of the application's icon. For example, Word is dark blue, Excel is dark green, and PowerPoint is orange. But you can go back to white or dark gray if you like. The dark gray theme is designed to be helpful to people with impaired vision.

Individual Programs

If you don’t need the entire Office suite and just want to take advantage of one or two programs, buying individual Office programs may be the way to go. Choose Excel for spreadsheets, Word for reports and documents or Publisher for marketing purposes. Build your collection one program at a time or buy individual programs to supplement your existing Office suite. Ordering individual programs is a great way to keep costs under control and buy only what you need. My Choice Software offers a full selection of Microsoft Office applications to choose from in individual formats so you can create your own custom collection of productivity programs to match the way you do work. Boost your productivity and cut costs by shopping at My Choice Software for your Microsoft Office 2016 needs. Choose the suite or programs that are right for your needs and enjoy value pricing and full support. Our products are guaranteed to be genuine. Shop today for the best selection and the best prices.

What's Included in Office 2016

The Office 2016 include basically the same applications as in Office 2013. One difference in the Professional Plus suite is that Lync is now called Skype for Business. Neither suite includes OneDrive Pro anymore, but both of them integrate with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint for online storage and sharing.

Microsoft Office Applications

Microsoft Word

Perhaps the most well-known of all products in the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor in the world. Users can create attractive documents using this powerful application in addition to letters, articles, manuscripts, and a whole host of other written documents. Users have full control over typography and can build appealingly documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slideshow application that offers advanced features such as custom animation, image layering, and layout and typography customization. PowerPoint is an exceptional presentation program and the industry leader in presentation software.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program perfect for inputting and displaying tabular data. This application offers many convenient features for standard data formats. Easily mass fill spreadsheets using the comma separation value format and a variety of other structured data formats. Advanced users can perform complex calculations using the built-in arithmetic functions. Users can also build their own functions for even more advanced number processing. Once numbers have been crunched, users can output gorgeous graphs and charts to add to their presentations. Microsoft Excel is the most prominent spreadsheet application on the market today.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a powerful note-taking program intended to serve as a user’s digital notebook. OneNote offers users the ability to take notes either by typing, writing with a stylus, or with an external input such as a tablet. The most attractive feature of OneNote is that users can tag notes and use these tags to create advanced organization schemes. Users can use tags to associate various notes with each other for easy searching, condensing, and studying. OneNote is an easy-to-use application that allows users to better organize their notes for their personal and professional use.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an exemplary email application that offers advanced convenience and security features that professional users require. Small business owners can find tremendous value working with Microsoft Outlook and its convenient organization features. Users can effortlessly browse their email folders and never worry about losing an email. The security features offered by Outlook also provide users with the best peace of mind possible. Support for POP3 allows users to store their emails on their personal computers instead of a mail server for added security.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is heralded as a great alternative to more heavyweight publishing applications such as Adobe InDesign. Publisher offers users full control over positioning and layout and is great for publishing print documents such as flyers and brochures. This publishing software has an easy learning curve and is targeted at small and mid-sized businesses that don't have dedicated graphic artists.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a powerful database management solution that is intended for power users that go beyond the scope of average users. Access allows users to manage company database records with ease and export or import them to and from other company software applications. Microsoft Access also offers advanced SQL support for advanced users of the software.

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